Ice Caves

Continually evolving. Stunningly beautiful. Feel the awesome power of nature surround you as you stand inside a glacier in one of Iceland’s extraordinary ice caves. 

Horseback Riding

Famous for its five gaits, the Icelandic horse has been a pure breed for over 1,000 years. Don’t miss an opportunity to ride these gorgeous, gentle creatures across the pristine landscape.

Puffin Tours

Get up close and personal with Iceland’s sweet, waddling bird, the puffin. After spending eight months out at sea, millions of these bright-billed birds raise their “pufflings” on the edges of rocky cliffs. 

Whale Watching

Catch sight of the incredible giants of the sea, swimming free in the cold, clean waters surrounding the island. 

Into The Volcano

Descend 120 meters in to a crater, in the belly of a dormant volcano. Truly a once in a lifetime experience. 

Glacier Walk

Explore the ever-moving and constantly changing ice on some of Iceland’s most famous glaciers.